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About Us

Core Values

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality fitness experience for our members. In order to do so, our team is dedicated to being in line with the following core values:


Members are the life-source and heart of ASAP. We are committed to the cultivation of positive relationships, encouragement, having fun, and putting our members at the very center of everything we do.


Be honest and always do the right thing.


The programs provided by ASAP empower individuals to challenge themselves in ways they never would have imagined in the realms of physical fitness, athleticism, and mental fortitude. We are constantly striving for improvements in knowledge and abilities from both our members and ourselves as individuals.


ASAP is dedicated to creating an environment centered around fitness and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


Demand more of yourself than anyone else ever could. Never be content. Always strive to I better yourself and reach the next level of success.


At ASAP we have the resilience and determination to step up without the need of being told. Our drive pushes us to do the things that others won’t.


Take responsibility for your successes and your failures. The results of your actions are determined by you and only you.

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