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ASAP Nutrition

If you’re looking to take your health and results to the next level you will definitely want to take part in our nutrition program. We only get to see you an hour out of the day while you come to the gym. We want to optimize the other 23 hours that you’re away from us. Nutrition goes hand & hand with exercise. If you’re working hard in the gym, but then go home and eat unhealthy food, it will definitely hinder your results.

You will start by filling out our questionnaire. This will give us the information we need to create a plan to reach your specific goals. Each and every plan will be individualized depending on a lot of factors that are covered in the questionnaire.

Accountability is a major factor in this program. You will be required to weigh yourself everyday and check in with us weekly. Your success is very important to us and this will allow us to make sure you’re on track with your goals and to tweak the plan accordingly.

We have partnered with Rosemary’s meal prep service to offer our clients a convenient way to help reach their diets needs. Rosemary’s is local, organic, grass fed, paleo, and macro friendly. They deliver right to the gym for your convenience. Who thought clean eating could ever taste so good?

They cover everything from paleo desserts to personal meal plans while providing the highest quality of ingredients and service. Never waste time cooking and cleaning again! Please visit their website at to place orders and get more information with their great products

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