Knee pain when you squat? Try this..

Do you hate squatting because of nagging knee pain? It probably has something to do with the way you’re squatting. Maybe you were never taught how to squat correctly.. maybe your mobility is limiting you.. we will talk about form and mobility on another day. In the meantime try these tricks or alternative exercises that…

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Protect your workout hands with these quick tips

Hand Care and Prevention Tears The first thing you should do when you rip your hands is to clean out the wound with warm water and soap. It will probably hurt a little but you’re going to want to get anything that could cause an infection out ASAP. I actually like to keep the ripped…

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10 Partner Workouts For Games Athletes

These are some of the workouts that CrossFit ASAP’s Games team used to get them ready for the CrossFit Games last year. They also did a lot of workouts with the worm but we know that a lot of people wont have access to a worm. 1. CLOSE TO ONE OF THE INDIVIDUAL EVENTS AT…

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