Crossfit is Powerful

Every day thousands of Crossfit Affiliates around the world gather together to celebrate fitness. Rain or shine, a.m. or p.m., thousands of people head to the gym to workout. At most affiliates, you’ll find people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, occupations, and skill levels working on their fitness. They are working on their fitness for different reasons. Some are working on their fitness to battle obesity and lose weight. Others are training for an upcoming local competition. Some use fitness as an outlet for stress relief, and a hobby that allows them to be the best version of themselves. Others are trying to get their first strict pull-up, or completing their first muscle-up. Regardless of where you go, you’ll find an individual with these types of motives for fitness. The beautiful thing about this, is that it shows diversity, and the power of Crossfit. It shows that people are different, but also united through the walls of an affiliate. It shows that no matter where an individual is in his or her athletic journey, there is always something to strive for because there is no such thing as perfect fitness or health. There is no end to fitness during our life. The end is when we die.

Crossfit means something different to every individual. Crossfit means pushing ourselves to be the best that we can. Crossfit means improving our fitness so that we can be healthier. Crossfit means battling addiction and saving someone from catastrophic life events. Crossfit means sharing memories with our peers, and our friends. Crossfit means showing yourself you can get stronger as you age, and still feel young. Crossfit means going to Regionals, or winning your first competition after countless hours in the gym. Wherever you go, Crossfit means something different to every individual member. Crossfit is powerful, and so are the people that participate. Join me in gratitude, as we celebrate excerpts from Sacramento ASAP as to why they Crossfit…

Josh Gibson, Manager “Crossfit gives me purpose vs. just exercising for aesthetics.”

Kevin, Member “It motivates me to be better in all aspects of life.”

Jeremy, Member “I needed a huge change in my life, and I literally stumbled upon Crossfit. It’s a cult and I’ve sold my soul.”

Kendra, Member “Crossfit challenges me both mentally and physically and crosses over into real life situations.”

Allie, Member “It is a stress reliever, a fun way to challenge myself, and still have a health dose of competition. Plus, my gym family is pretty cool.”

Robin, Member “It’s a great replication of a team sports atmosphere and the structure motivates me to constantly strive for more while celebrating fitness in general and incremental goal achievement.”

Alex, Member “Crossfit made me achieve things I never thought I could do! It makes me a better person, it is a place to clear my head and a place where I have met incredible people.”

Rosa, Member “Crossfit has given me confidence and has helped me with my mental strength.”

Susana, Member “I Crossfit because I enjoy the constant challenge and the community.”

Ernie, Member “I started because friends and some family told me I was too old for it. I stayed because nobody in the Crossfit community has treated me that way.”

Melissa, Member “I was searching for a change in the daily run routine, ended up with a lifestyle change and who new family!”

Brian, Member “I Crossfit because I set goals, I enjoy the comradery, and the fun. I love our community at Crossfit ASAP and pushing myself past my preconceived limits. Getting sexy hurts, sounds awful, let’s go make it hurt!”

Tyler, Member “I Crossfit because it has helped with my transition back into civilian lifestyle and to really help myself mentally. All the great friends along way are a great bonus!”

Chris, Member “I joined because I want to be able to complete MURPH!”Jeff, Member “I Crossfit because my usual routine at 24 hour fitness wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I started off with a 6 week challenge and never looked back. This gym has changed my life and my whole outlook on fitness and nutrition. At 37 I am in the best shape of my life. You guys are amazing and like a family to me.”

Dorian Medina, Coach “I Crossfit because it makes me feel free, it allows me to challenge myself to be the fittest and healthiest that I can be.”

Crossfit is powerful.

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