Faith. Hope. Trust.

Remember that feeling you had when you first walked into a new gym? That feeling you had when you didn’t know whether you had the strength and consistency to PR your deadlift? That feeling you had when you didn’t know what a thruster was? I’m sure you may recall feelings of anxiety, fear, anxiousness…or faith, hope, and trust. It takes a lot of courage to walk into a new gym with people you don’t know, and coaches you’ve never met. It takes a lot of courage to trust the process of fitness in a gym full of fit people. It takes a lot of courage to scale your weight alongside stronger members. It takes a lot of courage to keep running amongst members that are running past you. Lastly, it takes a lot of courage to stay consistent even though you feel vulnerable, and out of shape. That is FAITH.

Every night that we go to bed, we have no assurance we wake up alive the next morning. But still, some of us set the alarm for 4:30 to make it to 5am class. Some of us prep our meals to fight off temptation of fast, unhealthy, and processed foods. Some of us get out of work stressed, tired, and unmotivated but still have the discipline to come to class and not miss their workout. Some of us go home after a workout feeling accomplished, anxious, and nervous in anticipation for tomorrow’s workout. Lastly, some of us dread going to the gym and working out. They dread running on the treadmill, they dread their same routine, and they dread their results. But, the one thing that keeps us accountable, is our HOPE.

It can be difficult to have faith and hope in a life full of uncertainty, busyness, priorities, depression, obesity, self-image, and constant comparison. It can be difficult to drive yourself to the gym with no friends, no motivation, and no results. It can be difficult to walk into a gym full of people working out, and no social environment. It can be difficult putting your headphones on getting after your same routine, and yielding the same results. It can be difficult scrolling through your news feed and seeing images of people with beautiful bodies, and tremendous strength. It can be difficult coming to class knowing that you have to workout alongside a member that is fitter than you. Lastly, it can be difficult building the best version of yourself after you’ve been told otherwise your whole life. But, you have TRUST.

My friends, your faith, hope, and trust will be tested frequently. Keep them alive, and full of positivity. Keep them flourished with positive content, positive people, and a positive environment. I can’t tell you how many times I have met defeated people. They are defeated from routine, self-image, their environment, and their life. They’ve lost faith in their own abilities, they’ve lost trust in the people who want to help them, and they’ve lost hope in tomorrow’s chance to see improvement. Fitness becomes their way to restore faith, hope, and trust. As a coach, it is an honor to be able to help people restore these 3 things. It is an honor because I get to watch someone battle their unhealthy lifestyle. I get to watch someone accomplish a skill they had never even knew they could accomplish. I get to watch people become the best version of themselves and watch them grow in their relationships, their careers, and their fitness. For those who need help with faith, hope, and trust. Fitness; when done with the right people, community, and brand, is powerful. It is just as powerful as love. It is just as powerful as happiness. It is just as powerful as motivation. Surround yourself with those who want to help restore your faith, create hope, and build your trust. Remember, we get one life.