Fitness Membership: Part 2

I get it. You have a Fitness Membership that you rarely use. You pay $10 a month for access to a facility with plenty of square footage and low energy. Lots of headphones, lots of selfies, and lots of space. Space that is occupied by machines, and space that is occupied by people on their phones scrolling through their feeds. No motivation, no gym buddies, no accountability, and boring exercises. Same week, same results, same Fitness Membership.

I get it. You have a hectic schedule. You have to be up early to take the kids to school. You are dreading having to go to work because of your job. Same schedule, same duties, same hustle. You have to pick up the kids after work. Practice. Games. Travel. Cooking. Cleaning. Bills. Anxiously waiting for Friday. Anxiously waiting for the weekend. Anxiously waiting for a glass of wine. Anxiously waiting for a beer. Anxiously waiting for a vacation. Anxiously waiting for a breath of fresh air. Anxiously waiting for more time. Time that is being borrowed.

I get it. You are mentally drained. You have so many obligations. You need to raise a family. You need to devote time to your relationship. You don’t have time to cook. You don’t have time to clean. You don’t have time for you. Life is getting harder. Your health is getting more problematic. Your clothes are feeling tighter. Your breaths are feeling heavier. Your motivation is fading. Your reflection is getting unbearable. Your bills are getting annoying. Your expenses are adding up because of your unhappiness. Your credit card statement is looking like a restaurant menu. You aren’t making good decisions because of your unhealthy habits. You are losing hope.

There is a solution. There is a way out. There is a path to happiness. It involves exposing ourselves to a different fitness environment. It involves listening to different types of content. It involves associating ourselves with positive people, and people that want to see us succeed. It involves having people in our life that will keep us accountable to our goals, and to our ambition. It involves investing in our health&fitness, so that we don’t have to invest in medicine as we get older. It involves showing our children that health&fitness is important, and that we need to make it a priority no matter what is going on in our lives. It involves prioritizing healthier activities on the weekends instead of waking up hungover or full of wine and alcohol. It involves looking at yourself in the mirror when nobody is around and asking the person looking back at you if you really are building the best version of yourself. Lastly, It involves having an honest conversation with yourself as you are driving to work, as you are taking a shower, as you are by yourself and reflecting on the life that you want to create for yourself.

Please, stop making excuses and start making fitness a priority in your life. Start doing things that make you happy. Start working on that business that you’ve always wanted to start. Start finding a career that is more fulfilling and that adds more value to your life. Start living more humbly and stop trying to impress people that aren’t even in your life. Start eating more quality foods so that your mind can be unfogged from negativity and an unhealthy mindset. Start taking care of yourself so your children don’t have to take care of you as you age. All you have to do is start.

Regardless of what your lifestyle is, fitness needs to be a priority in your life. I don’t need to tell you the benefits of exercise, you know them. I don’t need to tell you that adding fitness in your life will make you much happier and much more confident. I don’t need to tell you that eating quality food will impact your health tremendously. And I don’t need to tell you that if you make fitness a priority, you will in fact have time for a Fitness Membership. Take control of your life. We care. You have people that care. You have people that want to help you. You have people that need you to be healthy. You have people that want to see you succeed. You have people that want to see you prevail. You have people that want to see you happy. Please, use your fitness membership.