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Knee Pain While Squatting


Knee Pain While Squatting

Do your knees hurt when you squat?

It probably has something to do with the way you’re squatting. Maybe you were never taught how to squat correctly.. maybe your mobility is limiting you.. we will talk about form and mobility on another day. In the meantime try these tricks or substitutes to work the same muscles without bringing pain to your knees! 



Wide Squat Stance

Using a wider squat stance will put more of the weight into your hips rather than your knees. Make sure to track the knees over the toes. If your knees are coming in while you squat this 


Lunges are a great way to work the same muscles while taking pressure off the knees. Make sure to use full range of motion. Gently touch the ground with your trailing knee. Keep the front shin vertical and heel on the ground.







Weighted Step Ups

Step ups are a great alternative to squatting. Hold two dumbbells at your side and pick a box height around 20”-24”. Remember to keep your chest up when you step onto the box.





Box Squats

Squatting to a box is another great scaling option. We usually use this as a last resort because of the limited range of motion. Try to pick a box that’s as low as possible without aggravating your knees. Use a wider than normal stance and make sure to sit back to the box.

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