Mental Fitness

Everyone has their own motive for fitness. Some individuals Crossfit because of the community and the accountability that comes with being a member at an affiliate. The accountability factor gives individuals motivation to come to class and workout with their friends during a specific time during the day. Some individuals Crossfit because they are fighting an unhealthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that used to leave them angry, sad, and depressed whenever they looked themselves in the mirror, or whenever they saw an outfit they’d like to wear but knew they couldn’t fit in it. Some individuals Crossfit because they used to be an athlete. They used to play sports in high school, or at their college and let life get in the way of their fitness after their studies. Some individuals Crossfit because fitness has saved their life. It has helped them cope with depression, drug abuse, alcoholism, addiction, and a negative mindset. Fitness has been a tremendous asset in many peoples’ lives. Lives that have been driven by negativity, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Friends, I want you to find the intrinsic motivation in fitness. I want you to build the better version of yourself every day that you come in and hit a workout. I want you to value health&fitness for what it is. I want you to be confident in your athletic ability, and your body. I want you to value movement and food so that you can live a long, and happy life with your loved ones. I don’t want you to be motivated by a coach’s fitness, by their work ethic, or by their inspiration. I don’t want you to be motivated by the videos and photos you see on Instagram of other fitness enthusiasts, models, and influencers. I don’t want you to be motivated by what other people in the gym are lifting, times they are finishing, reps they are completing, or amount of workouts they are doing. I want you to worry about yourself. I want you to be motivated by building a better version of yourself. I want you to push yourself so that you know what one more rep under the bar feels like when you are exhausted. I want you to push a little harder on the Assault Bike so that you know what it feels like to feel out of breath and accomplished after biking hard for 10 seconds at the end of a bike workout. I want you to get out of your comfort zone so that you can allow your mindset to grow, and become a better, fitter you. I don’t want you to do these things for extrinsic factors. I want them to be internal. When you have internal motivation, you can conquer anything. You can wake up constantly at 4:45 am to hit a nasty workout at 5am because you want better fitness. You can skip the fast food and eat at a healthier restaurant because you know that fast food won’t get you to your goals. You can make fitness a priority regardless of how “busy” you are, and how much stuff you have to do for you kids. You can enjoy The Process of earning better fitness day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year.

Internal motivation is very powerful. I implore you to find your internal motivation. Once you figure out what that is for you, fitness and life become very clear. You either workout or you don’t. You either have excuses, or you show up. You either care about your health, or you continue to feed it with negative content, draining relationships, and a negative mindset. If you are reading this you are fortunate to have friends that care about you, coaches that care about you, and a gym that cares about you if are a part of one. You are fortunate enough to have clothes to wear, food to eat, and a place to sleep. Your mind is powerful. Negativity is poison. You have one life. Build the better version of you.