Micro Speed, Macro Patience

For those of you that know me, you know how much I look up to Gary Vaynerchuck. I have never met him, but he has impacted my life in a very positive way. As the most popular, and hardest working entrepreneur in the world, his thesis on Micro Speed, Macro Patience is inversely relatable in Health & Fitness.

As people, we need to be putting in the work at the micro scale. We need to be coming in the gym weekly and getting our Reps in. We need to be consuming foods that keep us healthy and strong. We need to be surrounding ourselves with positive people, and friends that empower us to reach our goals, and build stronger versions of ourselves. We need to be making financial decisions that add value to our life, not materialistic value. We need to be spending time with people that we care about, and not people that want to drink on the weekends only to feel miserable on Monday morning.

We need to be doing these things because it’s a part of The Process. It’s a part of the process of becoming fitter in the gym, and in life. It’s a part of the process of living a long, healthy, and happy life with people that we care about, and people that empower us. It’s part of the process of building a better version of yourself. We need to do a better job of slowing down, and loving the process of getting fitter. We need to stop practicing Bar Muscle-Ups, when we can’t properly kip. We need to stop adding extra volume, more workouts, and doing competitor programming when we still don’t understand the concept of intensity, and basic foundational movements. We need to stop worrying about where other peoples fitness is at, and start focusing and loving the process of becoming fitter. The best part about fitness, is the journey. The journey of waking up 3 months later and finally hitting that PR. The journey of waking up 3 months later and looking at your body in the mirror and being proud that you switched from processed to organic non-gmo food. The journey of waking up 3 months later to taking “after” pics and being proud that you have given up alcohol, and can finally hit the 9am Saturday workout with your friends w/o being hungover. The journey of getting home from Crossfit and drinking water instead of wine with dinner. The journey of finally getting off medicine and not having to spend your hard earned money to hospital bills and pharmacies.

My friends, start loving the journey. If you read and watch content online, start reading and watching more positive content. Start, or continue surrounding yourself with positive people and winners. Start making healthier choices in how you approach food, and how you approach your fitness. Start focusing more on the basics, and stop focusing so much on fancy movements, and the end goal. If we continue to focus on the end goal, and where we aspire to be, we will always be chasing “what’s next.” Focus on the power of now, and focus on your micro mindset. The more fitness that you want, the more health that you want, and the more money that you want, the more micro speed you should have, and the more macro patience that you need. There is no magic potion, there is no magic pill, and there is no shortcut that gets you results. It’s hard work, hustle, reps, consistency, mindset, and patience that get you to where you want to be. Go out and work hard, go out and hustle, and go out and get your reps in. The more consistent that you are, and the more patience that you have, the happier you will be with your results.