More Than Fitness

Over the weekend, ASAP Sacramento hosted a Holiday Party for our members. It was a moment for friends and coaches to come together and share memories made throughout the year, make new connections, build deeper relationships, and create more memories with each other without a barbell. Smiles, laughter, hugs, gifts, food, drinks, and pictures were all shared amongst each other. A beautiful moment that only someone a part of a small business or a micro-gym can relate to. A beautiful moment that can be shared with an attorney alongside an undergraduate student. A beautiful moment that can be shared with a new member that doesn’t fully understand the power of a Crossfit community. A beautiful moment that can be shared with a veteran member that has supported the coaches and owners from day 1. A beautiful moment that can be shared with a member that has battled obesity, an unhealthy lifestyle, and has now regained their confidence, and is the heart and soul of their class time.

ASAP Sacramento, thank you so much for constantly supporting one another and being there for each other beyond the workout. Thank you for supporting a young coach and his goal of becoming the best version of himself. Thank you for coming to class after a stressful day at work. Thank you for making fitness a priority and hitting a workout with intensity even though you want to go home and hangout with your friends, significant other, or relax with your own mind. Thank you for cheering each other on regardless if you are the first person to finish a workout, or the last one to complete your burpee. Thank you for sharing time with each other outside of the gym to get brunch, enjoy a concert together, and converse over deep, meaningful conversation. Lastly, thank you so much for making it a priority to share connection, community, and friendship with your peers at an event that doesn’t involve fitness.

It takes stress, tears, and work from everyone involved to be able to share memories like this. It takes time, content, perspective, workouts, and alone time to plan and execute. Time that is given to many people, and time that is spent alone working out by ourselves, and building the best version of us. Content that is constantly giving us new ideas, and feeding our minds with positive plans to execute and give you the best product. Perspective that is shared with each other during meetings, and during our interactions with you before and after class. Workouts to give us energy, and to keep us practicing what we preach. Lastly, alone time to execute, and provide our mental health with the necessary energy to give you the best version of ourselves.

Without care, empathy, and passion, there is no Crossfit Affiliate. Without a Crossfit Affiliate, we cannot serve others, make new friends, build deeper connections, and build a better version of ourselves. The power of unity is what makes us stronger individuals in and out of the gym. I hope one day you all know what it feels like to be in a truly great Crossfit gym that is more than fitness.

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