One Body. One Life.

Three years into coaching, motivating, and leading hundreds of people in health&fitness, one thing that holds true to an individual’s success is their desire to prioritize it. Gym to gym, barbell to barbell, commute to commute, a person’s success is dictated on their process, their work-ethic, and their consistency. Only that person can ultimately determine the outcome for their success in fitness, and in their life. Somewhere deep within that person there needs to be a fire. Somewhere deep within that person there needs to be desire. Somewhere deep within that person that fire and desire need to stay lit to ensure success. The sooner we learn to control our actions, and our behavior, the sooner we can dictate our success, and the sooner we can live a more fulfilled life. You, alone, are the majority of the reason for your success and your failure. Personal responsibility, practicing what you preach, and mindset are powerful assets that can keep us accountable.

The importance you place on taking care of this powerful asset determines the health, well-being, and quality of your life. While it may be hard to imagine right now. While it may be hard to imagine yourself sick, in the hospital, and unhealthy, you will find yourself one day living the consequences of today’s choices. Today’s inactivity, can bring tomorrow’s immobility. Today’s sugary, fatty, processed, and low quality food choices can bring tomorrow’s diabetes. Today’s lack of sleep, miserable jobs, and perspective on life, can bring tomorrow’s shortened lifespan.

It is up to you to determine your body’s value. It is up to you to make health&fitness a priority. It is up to you to make quality food choices. It is up to you to wake up every day with a passion to fulfill your best life, and rid yourself of negativity. It is up to you to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Those who died yesterday, had plans for this morning. Those who died this morning, had plans for tonight. Make every second count, make every interaction count, make every burned calorie count, and make every choice count. We may never get another chance. We get one body. We get one life.

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