Somewhere in the world today a single Mother is dropping off her children at summer school after a tough morning workout. Somewhere in the world today a busy Father is getting ready to head to the gym after a long day of manual labor at his construction job. Somewhere in the world today a competitive athlete is getting their second or third workout in after a day of training, eating, and napping. Somewhere in the world today a friend of ours is scrolling through their social media and watching a video of a Facebook advertisement consisting of a start to a brand new fitness journey.

Most of us know someone that is just starting. Most of know someone that is a member. Most of us know someone that has failed. Most of us know someone that is trying. Most of us know someone that has seen success. We, as people, are in different parts of our “somewhere.” We are young, and we are old. We are new, and we are current. We are single, and we are together. We are alone, and we are accompanied.

No matter where you are at in your “somewhere,” keep striving for progress. Keep striving for consistency. Keep striving for a better version of yourself. There are many times where we are confronted with an endeavor. An endeavor that tests our physical. An endeavor that tests our mental. An endeavor that we cannot seem to get away from. Weight loss, nutrition, fitness programs, schedules, family, finances, excuses. Our somewhere is dictated by many factors, factors that we cannot control sometimes. But, we can control our discipline. We can control our consistency. We can control our mindset. We can control dropping the bar with only 5 repetitions left in our workout. We can control going to Starbucks every day to buy a $5 coffee to start our day. We can control who our friends are. We can control prioritizing our health&fitness no matter what our daily life has put forth in front of us.

You have lived someone else’s somewhere. You are living someone else’s somewhere. Wherever you are at, as lonely as it may be, as dark as it is, there is companionship…there is light. Wherever you are at, as beautiful as it is, as bright as it may be, there is pressure…there is adversity.

We all have a somewhere. Never let it discourage you. Never let it degrade you. Never let it unfulfill you. Somewhere has taken us to this very moment. A moment in time, a moment in your life, a moment that I hope you will never forget. Somewhere can lead you to a special place, a place that it has lead me, and a place that has allowed me to create this moment if you have read this far. It is this moment, as dark and cold as it may be, as bright and hot as it may feel, that we can share through our inner voice, together,…somewhere.

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