The Crossfit Open…just another workout.

Every year thousands of members from their respective gyms gather together to watch the open announcement. The CrossFit Open is a significant event in the CrossFit community because it brings people together to workout and fitness together. Some athletes are fit enough to go on to the Regional level to compete as the top males, females, or teams in their region. Although, most of us participate in this 5 week event for FUN. The majority participate because we want to test our fitness and see what a year of training has done to our bodies and to our performance. Most of us participate because we want to see Mary get her first kipping pull-up. Most of us participate because we want to see John get his muscle-up after working hard all year to master the fundamentals of this complex gymnastic movement. Most of us participate because we want to share laughter, connection, and comradery with our friends who we’ve come to know very well after so many months of training together and bonding together outside of the gym. Lastly, most of us participate because we love fitness, and enjoy working out with our friends.

Crossfit means something different to every individual that participates in the sport. Some take it very seriously and have competitive aspirations. Others, Crossfit because it is their home away from home. It is their outlet to escape their stresses of their life. It is a part of their healing process after so many years of addiction. It is their hobby after work that they can share with their significant other and bring their kids and pets to the gym. It is what is saving somebody from diabetes and overwhelming hospital bills as we age. It is getting someone off medication after so many years of being overweight and living an unhealthy life. It is a place where people can share blood, sweat, and tears through tough workouts, and life obstacles. It is a place where people build beautiful life-long relationships around a barbell with people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and occupations. It is a place that believes in you and your aspirations as a fitness enthusiast, and as a professional. It is a place where you can share memories through events such as Friday Night Lights, Friendsgivings, Potlucks, Competitions, Clinics, and Seminars. Lastly, is a place that has watched you develop into who you are, and a place that has tested you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

If you are participating in the Crossfit Open, remember your “why.” Remember why you do Crossfit. Remember all of the of the positive memories you have shared with your peers, and all of the positive memories you have made through your PR’s, and your completion of your goals. Remember that most of us participate for FUN. We don’t participate because we are going to Regionals or going to the Crossfit Games, we participate because it means something differently to every one of us. It is just another workout for the most of us. It is just another workout that is going to test us mentally, and physically. It is just another workout that we can share with our friends, and make positive memories with. It is just another workout that we can complete to push the needle further along the health spectrum to live a long and healthy life. Lastly, it is just another workout where you can be grateful to have a body that moves, and a body that can do so many things if you work hard enough. Remember, it is just another workout.

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