Train Local: A Tribute to Crossfit Affiliates & Small Business Owners

Do you know what makes CrossFit Affiliates so unique compared to corporate and globo-gyms? The people. The community of people that represent these affiliates as staff and members are very different compared to those that represent a corporate gym. In a corporate facility your eyes aren’t deceiving. You see a ton of headphones, not a lot of proper coaching, and a very mellow aura and energy for a facility filled with plenty of square footage. In an affiliate you rarely see headphones on. You see people conversing over their day or what they did on the weekend. You get to interact with a police officer and get to hear their interesting stories. You get to listen to a teacher tell you about her students, and how one of them had the courage to stand up to a bully. You get to watch the athlete PR his Split Jerk after working on it for months. You get to see people glancing on the board for scores, and what they can expect their results to look like for that workout. At most affiliates, you see a coach guiding you through the standards of the workout and the stimulus that you should expect from “Fran.” You hear people cheering each other on and encouraging one another from the beginning till the end. You hear the clank from the barbell every rep, and you hear your buddy next to you breathing hard. You see the grit and desire to push in peoples’ facial expressions, and you see the pain and desire to stop at any given time or repetition.

At most affiliates you get to interact with the owner and the staff. You get to learn about their life and why they decided to call it CrossFit ASAP, or why they decided to open up a small business. You get to watch their interactions with their members, and you get to watch their children grow up if you’re there long enough. You get to be a part of the coaching journey for a young, passionate coach. You get to watch them progress and get better at coaching different movements, and helping you achieve greater fitness. You get to be invited to community hangouts on the weekends where deeper relationships are forged. You get to support fellow members’ local and regional competitions and watch all their hard work over the past year in one day or one weekend. You get to be surrounded by people that care, and be around people that want you to succeed in different aspects of your life. You get to be held accountable for your fitness and why you have or haven’t been showing up to class. You get to financially support a small business owner live their dream of owning a business and in return, giving you results, and a sense of belonging in a community bigger than our personal selves. You get to watch them live out their passion and give you a positive return on your investment to them. You get to learn a lot about yourself, and what your body is capable of doing when you put in the work. You get to experience the environment of an open workout, and watching someone get their first muscle-up while everyone is cheering and the music is blasting. You get to watch your body transform and build your self-esteem. You get to live a longer, more fulfilling life by valuing fitness and treating your body with respect, and self-care.

For thousands of people, a CrossFit Affiliate has given them something to look forward to day by day. CrossFit Affiliates have given people the confidence to love their body, and be proud of their hard work in the gym. CrossFit Affiliates have given women the confidence to lift heavy weight, and challenge the status-quo. CrossFit Affiliates have helped the elderly regain their life, and add value by helping them stay fit and healthy to accomplish activities of daily living. Lastly, CrossFit Affiliates have helped people with their mental and physical problems, and have helped people change their life by becoming better versions of themselves.

There is no hidden secret to success in fitness, and in life. It takes hard work, consistency, and passion. There is no magic pill that will make you fitter, or shortcut that will give you instant happiness. Wake up every day and be grateful for what you have, and the body that God has given you. You have a long life to live. Wake up with a purpose and work hard for results, you’ll be much more appreciative when you train local. Your CrossFit Affiliate cares.