Why I Coach: Part 1

I choose to make Coaching and Fitness a career because it is what builds the best version of myself. The process of becoming a better coach, and fitness professional is what drives me. The constant workouts, the constant repetitions, and the constant progress is what fuels me. Coaching is more than fitness. Coaching gives you the opportunity to build relationships with people from all aspects of life. People with different occupations, political and life views, goals, perspectives, and personalities. I get to share my goals and aspirations with these people as they do with me. I am kept accountable by these people as I keep them accountable to their fitness and personal goals. I am constantly growing and getting better at my craft to build the best version of myself. I get to share my thoughts and views on life that have created meaningful friendships with the people I train.

As a young coach, I have realized that I am pursuing happiness, not monetary compensation. I am pursuing health, fitness, connection, and a lifestyle filled with sweat, quality food, and living life on my terms. I am pursuing growth, business, friendship, exercising, and being the best version of myself that I can become. I am pursuing being an asset to my community, and providing value to people that need my knowledge and help.

Crossfit has a unique type of athletic swagger that I have never experienced in my life. A swagger that can only be explained by people that constantly exercise, and that are constantly improving their fitness. A swagger that only a 5am member can explain because of their discipline, drive, and work-ethic to get their workout in before most people are even awake, and a swagger that only an elderly person can exhibit while working out to defeat illness and live a longer, more fulfilling life. If you have ever experienced Crossfit, these workouts are hard. They aren’t your typical personal training sessions, or bootcamps that people go to. These are tough, hard-nosed, mentally challenging workouts that will leave you on the ground gasping for air, but feeling ready, accomplished, and proud.

Our gyms are more than exercise facilities. They are a place where people can battle mental and physical illness. They are a place where connection, and deep meaningful relationships are made. They are a place where health&fitness are a priority to people. They are a place where you find out who you are, and who you want to become. Lastly, they are a place where you can build the best version of yourself to portray to the world the unique person you are. Coaching is more than fitness. That is why I coach.

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