You Are Not Alone

Before I go to sleep, as soon as I wake up, and throughout the day I practice gratitude and give thanks for the clothes that I have, the friendships that I have made, the money that I have worked hard for and saved up, the education that I have, the food and water that I have access to on a daily basis, and for my Health&Fitness. Sometimes, these things are overlooked. They are overlooked because in America we have access to them. Our food, water, clothes, gym memberships, are all readily available. We don’t have to walk miles for fresh water, and we don’t have to use odd objects for fitness. It’s all there for us. At the water-fountain, on the barbell rack, and at our friends garage.

Yet, for some of us, this “routine” isn’t a part of our lifestyle. The everyday routine for some us involves waking up in a hospital bed. The everyday routine for some of us involves waking up to divulging a handful of pills to control our blood sugar, our cholesterol levels, and our mental health. The everyday routine for some of us involves an unhealthy mindset, a negative environment, a dreadful job, and a lack of purpose. The everyday routine for some of us involves waking up and walking miles on miles for a bucket of water to drink and shower with. Medical bill after medical bill, medication prescription after medication prescription, and bucket after bucket, our individual life goes on.

You may know someone living this life. You may know someone battling disease, sickness, and a constant state of sadness and depression. You may know someone that is battling obesity, and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. You may know someone that is struggling with their finances, their relationships, and their life. There are millions of people in this world fighting the same fight in a different city, in a different family, and in a different culture. It is important to have empathy for these people, but it is also important to be a great friend and help these people with our empathy, and what we have experienced in our own lives. We need to show these people how impactful a simple hour of fitness a day, compiled with healthy food choices and a positive environment can do for them.

I find it every fascinating that some of us choose to live our lives with a broken perspective on what they do and do not have. I find it very fascinating that some us still think that a magic pill, or a sweat belt will get you complete Health&Fitness. My friends, you have to put in the work on a daily basis for results. This goes beyond our fitness in the gym. This is about living a happy, and healthy life. We all have friends, family, and children that care about us and depend on us. Nobody cares about the vehicle you drive, the clothes that you wear, the followers you have on social, or the job title that you have. If they do, their perspective is broken.

People care about you how make them feel. People care about your workouts together. People care about your empathy, and your time spent with them. I implore you all to audit yourself. I implore you all to ask yourself if you are really taking care of your Health&Fitness. I implore you all to bring someone to your gym and help them change their perspective on what fitness is, and should look like. I implore you all to take advantage of the amenities you have surrounding you on a daily basis. Amenities that are simple, yet so important. I implore you all to wake up everyday grateful, happy to be alive, and fired up to become the best version of yourself. You are not alone.

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