Your Children are Watching

I can only imagine what it’s like being a parent in this world regardless of the age bracket your children are in. School, sports, camps, trips, technology, relationships, the list goes on. It is relatively easy to influence a child at such a young age. How many times have you seen children watch their parents workout and mimic their parents exercising? Burpee for burpee, squat for squat. These children are being influenced by your actions. Inversely, children are also being influenced by your food choices, language, music genres, and relationships with the people that you associate with on a daily basis. They are listening to how you speak to their siblings, to your significant other, and to your friends. They are paying attention to how you interact with co-workers, teachers, gym friends, and other family members. They are paying attention to how much time you spend on your phone instead of conversing with them. They are watching you make negative food choices because of convenience and bad preparation. They are listening to you teach them how to eat nutritional food and exercise when you aren’t doing it yourself. They are watching you take them to practice, take them to school functions, take them to field trips, take them to fast food restaurants because you are their parent, and it might have been how you were raised. They are watching you become unhealthy because you are giving up your happiness for them.

My friends, I am not a parent, but wish to be one day. Raising a family is difficult. Everyone has their own story, and their own way of parenting. But, your own individual happiness and health is also important. It is important because your children are watching your every action. They are watching your every bite. They are watching your every skipped gym session for them. They are watching your non-verbal communication and how giving up your time for them is affecting your health and fitness, and your happiness. They are watching you drink that beer on the weekend because you’ve had a long week of that job that you aren’t happy at. Lastly, they are watching you become a version of yourself that you wish you weren’t becoming. Unhealthy, out of shape, unhappy, and full of excuses for not making it to the gym.

It is time to start Practicing What You Preach. It is time to let your children be children. It is time to make healthier food choices so that your children can grow up and value nutritional food. It is time to stop using your children as an excuse for you not making it to the gym. It is time to let your children make decisions on their own, and not force them to play a sport, or join a club just because it feeds your ego, or just because you were a part of that when you were young. It is time to make choices throughout your day, and throughout your life you’re your children can learn from on a daily basis. It is time to stop sacrificing your happiness for them. They appreciate what you do for them already. They appreciate the meals you make for them for school. They appreciate the car rides to practice, and school functions. They appreciate what you are teaching them. But, you need to take care of yourself and your health, while taking care of your children.

I want you all to live a long, and happy life. Don’t neglect your health, and don’t neglect what really matters: happiness and living a long, healthy life. Health & Fitness shouldn’t be viewed as a burden, or something that takes up our time. Health & Fitness should be an area in our lives that brings us joy, and allows us to be better versions of ourselves. It should be an area in our life that we can share with our friends and children. It should be an area in our life that should have high priority. It should be an area in our life where we can enjoy our bodies, and what our bodies are capable of doing. Don’t lose your health chasing money, only to use that money to pay for your health in the future. Go to the gym and take your children with you. They’ll be fine, and you’ll be glad you did.

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